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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Time :   11/14/2017 5:05:46 PM News Code : 45297

Spirituality and proximity, how to find it?
Shabestan news: Best among human is the one who loves to worship. Whose beloved is worshipping, who is married to worship and who feels the worship inside of his soul. Such being will dedicate his life for worship and when he does that he does not feel wasted and the calamities of life appear small and tiny to him. He does not care for ease in this life but only cares for the beloved.

Shabestan news: The professor at University and teacher of religious seminary Hujjatul Islam Qasim Tarkhan talked about the link with the creator and various aspects of worshipping in his lecture and said:

What is the meaning of the statement that our worship is for our own good?

He said that can be answered in two ways:

1.       He said that worship has its impressions. Infallibles AS did not worshipped for its effects but they did because the Almighty is worth worshipping and they had no vested interest but in real life the worship does come with its positive effects like it keeps bad away and these effects are seen and observed on a worshipper.

2.       It is the only way of connecting and establishing a communication channel with Allah SWT.



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