./ shabestan IMAM HADI’S (A.S.) STANDING AGAINST DEVIATION http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46879 Shabestan news agency:IThe social-political life of the Imams (A.S.) is exemplary in the way of feeling responsibility for protecting religion and increasing knowledge. Their stability in the fundamentals of religion in addition to their attention to the current situation of society has allowed researchers and historians to distinguish the similarities and differences in the lives of the Imams (A.S.). info@shabestan.com President Rouhani congratulates Namibia on Independence Day http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46878 Shabestan news agency:In his message to Namibia President Hage Geingob released on Wednesday, Rouhani expressed hope for both countries to develop ties in all fields. info@shabestan.com Supreme Leader: Iran's independence incomparable http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46877 Shabestan news agency:'These are the main values and mottos of the (Islamic) revolution of Iran: Independence, freedom, democracy, national self-confidence, justice and much superior to all of these being materialization and implementation of the religious and Sharia values in the country. The mottos are as fresh as in the beginning. info@shabestan.com Supreme Leader to deliver speech at Imam Reza Holy Shrine http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46876 Shabestan news agency:Large number of people headed to Imam Reza Shrine to attend the event. info@shabestan.com Parliament speaker congratulates Norouz to counterparts in neighboring states http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46875 Iran welcomes all kinds of cooperation, especially with its neighboring countries based on mutual respect and with the objective of bolstering security and all-out development,” reads the messages of Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament. info@shabestan.com Govt. trying hard to return life to quake-stricken areas http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46874 Shabestan news agency:Upon arrival at Kermanshah airport, Hassan Rouhani told reporters “after the trip last November, I have come to Kermanshah for the second time to visit the earthquake-stricken areas and look into the measures and steps taken in those areas.” info@shabestan.com Parliament speaker congratulates Norouz to counterparts in neighboring states http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46873 Shabestan news agency:'Iran welcomes all kinds of cooperation, especially with its neighboring countries based on mutual respect and with the objective of bolstering security and all-out development,” reads the messages of Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament. info@shabestan.com Pres Rouhani congratulates Iranians, neighboring states on New Year http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46872 Shabestan news agency:In his message, President Rohani lauded martyrs, former prisoners of war and those who sustained injuries in the battlefields with the enemies. info@shabestan.com Leader names New Year as year of support for Iranian products http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46871 Shabestan news agency:'I would like to congratulate all of our dear compatriots, in every part of the country, the planet, and other nations that celebrate Norouz. In particular, I would like to congratulate the honorable families of martyrs, the dear disabled war veterans, and their families,' Ayatollah Khamenei said. info@shabestan.com Survivors of Zaria attack in Nigeria visits Imam Reza Holy Shrine http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46870 Shabestan news agency:Survivors of the attack happened in Nigeria’s Zaria came to the pilgrimage of Holy Shrine of the 8th Imam (A.S.), thanks to the endeavor of Astan Quds Razavi’s Center for International Affairs. info@shabestan.com The story of Imam Baqir (AS) from the demands of Musa bin Imran (AS) from God. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46869 Shabestan news: Imam Baqir (AS) says: Musa bin Imran when he saw a glance then at the first glance saw the thing that would be given to Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), then he said to Allah:"Lord grant me as the family of Muhammad, the revelation came that they are from Ahmed's generation". info@shabestan.com Imam Baqir (AS) also made his students "Baqir al-ulum". http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46868 Shabestan news: Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) had moved his title to his students those who had been known as Baqir al-ulum and he trained his many renowned students one of whom is Auban bin Tughlab. He was a person that when Imam Sadiq (AS) was informed about his death, he said that his death has ruined my heart. info@shabestan.com Virtue and deeds of Rajab's month / who is this al-Rajabian? http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46867 Shabestan news: Rijab is a great month of Allah, and no one can reach its glory and its virtue. Whoever fasting one day in this month, he will be entitled to the great dignity of Allah, and the wrath of Allah will depart from him and one door from hell's gates closes for him. info@shabestan.com If Imam Baqir (AS) was not present then the jurisprudence will become corrupt, or lose its identity. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46866 Shabestan news: Imam Sadiq is the heir of this struggle and attraction that the Imam gave to Imam Baqir (AS). It can be said that Imam Baqir (AS) is the founder of the teachings of the school of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and the ways of running the system. info@shabestan.com The cause of Shiite enlightenment from the perspective of Ayatollah Behjat. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46865 Shabestan news: Ayatollah Behjat used to say regarding the month of Rajab that: 'Shiite' is drowned in enlightenment due to so many prayers offered narrated by Ahl al-Bayt (AS). info@shabestan.com Problems in the Middle East can only be resolved through talks between Tehran and Riyadh. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46864 Shabestan news: Sayyed Ammar Hakim while declaring that the best way to cope with the crisis is making the relations moderate with the friendly countries and steadfastness with enemies said that the Middle East problems can be solved through talks between Tehran and Riyadh. info@shabestan.com The special position of Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) among the people. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46863 Shabestan news: The Friday prayers leader of Iran’s province Kermanshah said that Imam Mohammad Baqir trained more than 4000 students and made a great Islamic knowledge in history. info@shabestan.com Leaving of sin is the highest act in the month of Rajab. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46862 Shabestan news: The teacher of religious seminary declares leaving of sin is the highest act in the month of Rajab and said that this month is the month of worship and the first step in the form of my intercession and friendship. info@shabestan.com Imam, who left the veil of ignorance. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46861 Shabestan news: Prophet (PBUH) said that Imam Muhammad Baqir is the one who left the veil of ignorance and opened the treasures of knowledge and introduced to the people. info@shabestan.com Iraq is looking for balanced relations with its neighbors. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46860 Shabestan news: A political activist and a member of a group of intelligence experts while pointing that the foreign policy of Iraq's current government is determined to establish moderate links with all its neighbors, said that Iran still holds a special position among those neighbors. info@shabestan.com We should acquire Knowledge for the sake of Allah. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46859 Shabestan news: Iran’s renowned religious scholar and Shiite Marja Taqleed Ayatollah Alvi Gargani said that Allah has kept blessings in knowledge so whoever wants his blessings should acquire knowledge. info@shabestan.com Imam Muhammad Baqir’s (AS) birthday celebration in Mosque Imam Jawad (AS). http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46858 Shabestan news: Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) birthday celebration will be held in Mosque Imam Jawad (AS). info@shabestan.com Pilgrimage with knowledge leads to human growth. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46857 Shabestan news: The head of the cultural centers of South Khorasan said that Pilgrimage with knowledge leads to human growth. info@shabestan.com The Zionist fighter bombed East of Gaza. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46856 Shabestan news: Israeli warriors have bombarded airstrikes in various parts of the north and east of Gaza. info@shabestan.com Support for women's rights based on the teachings of Islam in Pakistan. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46855 Shabestan news: The human rights Minister in Pakistan said that the government is supporting Women rights in Pakistan according to Islamic teachings. info@shabestan.com In the New Year's holiday get connected with the teachings of Imams. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46854 Shabestan news: Ayatollah Siddiqui said that infallibles are more merciful than a mother, so there is a need for us to get connected to their teachings and character in Nawruz holidays. info@shabestan.com Young individuals from Alborz and Tehran met with Ayatollah Khamenei http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/46853 Young individuals from Alborz and Tehran met with Ayatollah Khamenei info@shabestan.com Two great divine wings to attain the inner boom. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46852 Shabestan news: Allah says in verse 9 of Surah Yousaf إِنَّهُ مَنْ يَتَّقِ وَ يَصْبِرْ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يُضِيعُ أَجْرَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ In this verse, two divine powers have been emphasized on displaying the destination for determination and worship. info@shabestan.com Iran's missile issue is not negotiable. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46851 Shabestan news: According to Iranian Parliament, it is said that European countries should not see a Iran's nuclear missile system from one sight, but they try to fulfill their promises and their commitment to the nuclear deal. info@shabestan.com The real Norouz comes with "emergence." http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46850 Shabestan news: With the advent of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (may Allah bless him ) the abilities of believers also increases and these days will be full of joy and happiness and the better words are like in Spring season trees wear new clothes, likewise the conditions with the appearance of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) will be new. info@shabestan.com The need for knowledge and insight into the Islamic society. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46849 Shabestan news: Representative of the Supreme Leader in Iran’s South Khorasan, emphasized the need for removal of ignorance and promotion of insight in the Islamic society and said that the people should adopt a practical attitude towards promotion of virtuous and prevention from vices. info@shabestan.com A need to remember Imam of time (aj) in the spring. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46848 Shabestan news: In spring it is emphasized to remember Imam Zamana more and more, and the members of the community center and officials are responsible for introducing the humanity. info@shabestan.com The connection between the Prophet (PBUH) and Imams (AS) is intellectual, spiritual and practical. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46847 Shabestan news: There are no two Wilayat’s in the Wilayat of Allah and Imam’s. Also Wilayat of the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam’s is not two different Wilayat’s. All this is the name of the same thing and it is a Wilayat that is a combination of two such things that cannot be separated from each other. info@shabestan.com Getting to the top of the road. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46846 Shabestan news: Spring is the best opportunity so a man promises with himself that he will left the wrong deeds and he will adopt the best lifestyle which will not be against religious affairs and will let a human reach his destined place. info@shabestan.com The authority of Islam is due to the efforts of religious scholars. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46845 Shabestan news: Iran’s city Bander Astara’s Friday prayer leader said that the authority of Islam is due to the efforts of religious scholars. info@shabestan.com A seminar is conducted on the topic of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) his era and character. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46844 Shabestan news: In this year, seminars will be conducted in autumn season by the knowledge committee of historical researchers of seminaries on the topic of (the era of Imam Hassan bin Ali Askari bin Reza and his character). info@shabestan.com Etikaf is one of the most effective cultural activities. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46843 Shabestan news: Imam of Friday prayers of Iran's province Kermanshah, while declaring Etikaf as it is an effective cultural and social work that retains a ritual of a young generation. info@shabestan.com The influence of the Islamic Revolution is undeniable among the countries of the region. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46842 Shabestan news: The Friday prayers leader of Iran’s province Zahidan said that the influence of the Islamic Revolution is undeniable among the countries of the region and the whole world agrees to it. info@shabestan.com The Iranian nation is opposed to any chemical bombardment. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46841 Shabestan news: The head of Iran's municipal committee in Shiraz Iran's city said that Iranian nation could not forget the bombardment of chemical weapons in Jalbicha. He said that Iran is opposed to the use of all types of chemical weapons like all nations. info@shabestan.com Two people were killed and four wounded in a car bombing in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46840 Shabestan news: Two people were killed and 4 wounded in a car bombing in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. info@shabestan.com Conduct and character of the martyrs is a life lesson. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46839 Shabestan news: The martyrs are examples of sincerity, faith, and prosperity, by walking on their footsteps, human beings can go on to the straight and the divine path. info@shabestan.com Serving people is charity. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46838 Shabestan news: Imam of Friday prayers of the city of Gargan said that the service of people is charity whether it is in any form. info@shabestan.com Martyrs are the privileged students of the school of Islam and Ahlul-Bayt (AS). http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46837 Shabestan news: The cultural affairs head in Astan Quds Rizvi said that Martyrs were the privileged students of the school of Islam and Ahlul-Bayt (AS). info@shabestan.com Misguidance is the worst danger against humans. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46836 Shabestan news: According to South Khorasan representative Wali Faqih the biggest threat to the people of the world is misguidance, thus the people's guidance is the greatest service and blessing. info@shabestan.com Tehran will host the third International Quranic contest of the World's Blind people. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46835 Shabestan news: The third international Quranic competition of the blind people in Iran's capital Tehran will be held in April this year with 35th international Quranic contests. info@shabestan.com The opening of first complete Halal hotel in Thailand. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46834 Shabestan news: The first complete Halal hotel got permission to be opened in Thailand. info@shabestan.com Godfather comes with the help of Israel. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46833 Shabestan news: The US government has decided to close the financial assistance of 40 countries who voted in favor of Palestine regarding the Jerusalem in the United Nations General Assembly. info@shabestan.com Islam does not belong to Germany. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46832 Shabestan news: Germany's interior minister claimed that Islam has no relation with the country. info@shabestan.com Global sitting on a topic of Islamic finance in Istanbul. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46831 Shabestan news: Islamic banking and General Assembly of Finance Institutes is organizing in the next month an international meeting. info@shabestan.com Hijab is a social necessity. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46830 Shabestan news: Expert of Iran's religious affairs in Lorestan province of Iran means that hijab is not only obligatory for religious order and Muslim women, explain that hijab is a social necessity of human society that has its wonderful advantages and influences in society. info@shabestan.com