./ shabestan Al-Khalifa's Prohibition on Friday Prayers in the Imam Sadiq (AS) Mosque.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44943 Shabestan news agency: Al-Khalifa is prohibiting the Shiite Muslims from offering Friday prayers from two years. info@shabestan.com Islamic civilization conference will be going to held in Tehran. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44942 Shabestan news agency: in the conference various talks on civilization themes will be discussed. info@shabestan.com The Islamic social sciences need to pay more attention to knowledge http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44941 Shabestan news agency: During meeting with the representatives of the Central Social Sciences Congress Council, Ayatollah Subhani said that because of the importance of knowledge it is important to pay special attention to the utility of knowledge. info@shabestan.com The quality of power is to dominate the self http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44940 Shabestan news agency: The representative Wilayat Faqih in North Khorasan said that the quality of power is to dominate the physiological desire and such kind of person is macho. info@shabestan.com The advancement and progress of the Islamic social sciences requires pious people in the field. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44939 Shabestan news agency: The head of the research center, Haram Imam Raza (AS) said that there are no measures visible for the development of Islamic science. info@shabestan.com The target of ministry of Education is to provide education and training in all fields. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44938 Shabestan news agency: Ali Raza Kazmi, responsible for Khorasan province, said that the department of Education is taking all its energy to promote education and training in all fields. info@shabestan.com The Iranian Security Council chief sympathizes with the family of terrorism victims in Afghanistan.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44937 Shabestan news agency: The Iranian Security Council chief sympathizes with the family of terrorism victims happened in the mosques in Afghanistan. info@shabestan.com Iran's foreign minister travelling to South Africa.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44936 Shabestan news agency: Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said a high-level delegation will visit South Africa on today night together with the political and economic delegation info@shabestan.com Those who demanded the independence of Kurdistan in Iraq are gathered under the of Israel's flag http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44935 Shabestan news agency: The advisor of international affairs of Supreme leader of Iran said that the people who demanded the independence of Kurdistan in Iraq are gathered under the Israel's flag. info@shabestan.com The world of science today is abandoned / ignorance and corruption are equal to human death.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44934 Shabestan news agency: The representative of wilayat Faqih said from South Khorasan that knowledge should be with faith and knowledge without faith is of no use and ignorance and illiteracy is human death info@shabestan.com What are the Divine Rewards for sincere help to brothers and sisters in religion? http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44933 Shabestan news agency:It is narrated from Imam Hussain AS info@shabestan.com Representative of France in Syrian affairs had meeting regarding issue of Syria with Dr. Ali Alber Wilayati http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/44932 Representative of France in Syrian affairs had meeting regarding issue of Syria with Dr. Ali Alber Wilayati info@shabestan.com Demonstration has been organised by religious scholars and students of Qom city, Iran for the evil talk of American President against Iran. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/44931 Demonstration has been organised by religious scholars and students of Qom city, Iran for the evil talk of American President against Iran. info@shabestan.com IRAQI FORCES PUSH TERRORISTS BACK FROM 2 REGIONS, 44 OILFIELDS IN NINEVEH PROVINCE http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44930 Shabestan news agency: The Operation Command announced on Thursday that the 15th Regiment of the Iraqi Army troops captured Zamar and Ein Zaleh regions in Western Nineveh, adding that the Iraqi soldiers also imposed control over 44 oilfields in the province. info@shabestan.com Faces of the Rohingya http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/44929 Faces of the Rohingya info@shabestan.com Staving off disease in Rohingya refugee camps http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/44928 Staving off disease in Rohingya refugee camps info@shabestan.com US, Israel seek to hinder fight against terrorism: Iran's Shamkhani http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44927 Shabestan news agency: “The US and the Zionist regime [Israel] feel threatened by any balance shift in the region in favor of [regional] people and governments engaged in the fight against terrorism,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said in a meeting with Deputy Head of Hamas' Political Bureau Saleh al-Arouri in Tehran on Saturday. info@shabestan.com Iran's Larijani urges unity among Palestinians against ‘Zionist regime’ http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44926 Shabestan news agency: “From the very first day, the Zionist regime was after eliminating Palestinian resistance groups but the thing important is that Palestinian parties put disagreements aside and get united against the regime of Israel,” said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian parliament. info@shabestan.com Arbaeen Quranic booths begin activities in Iraq http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44925 Shabestan news agency:According to Qaaf news agency, the Quranic activities of the booths started in cooperation with Iraq’s Union of Quranic Associations at the beginning of the month of Safar (the second month in the lunar Hijri calendar). info@shabestan.com Art is a tool for combating war and violence. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44924 Shabestan News Agency: Addressing the posters named "Announcement Discussion", spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Qasmi, said that every poster present in this exhibition has the power to answer millions of Donald Trumps. info@shabestan.com Cultural fall leads to social problems. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44923 Shabestan News Agency: The head of the Iranian general courts has said that cultural fall in any society causes problems and problems that go through this society, so it is our duty to pay special attention to solving our cultural problems. info@shabestan.com Consolidation of the family from the viewpoint of Quran and hadith. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44922 Shabestan News Agency: The book ’’تحکیم خانوادہ از نگاہ قرآن و حدیث‘‘  by Mohammad Mohammadi has been published by the Institute of disciplinary named "Dar al-Hadith" info@shabestan.com Mosques are the best center for promoting the art of the Islamic Revolution. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44921 Shabestan News Agency: It is a good and positive approach to consider that the Mosques are the best center for promoting the art of the Islamic Revolution. info@shabestan.com Let's not forget about the blessings of the home. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44920 Shabestan News Agency: The elders of every family are a source of blessing for this family, so they should be respected. It is strange that old age people lives in Old Home and spend their life while waiting for their children. info@shabestan.com Sixteen episodes of Trump Animations can be now downloaded http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44919 Shabestan News Agency: Comedy cartoon animations of the American President Donald Trump are made in response to his false and immovable statements. info@shabestan.com The message of  Ashura is the message of vigor, insight, worship, justice and dignity. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44918 Shabestan News Agency: After the death of the last Prophet (PBUH) the political, collective, economic and cultural conditions of the Islamic society turned away. Its foundations were shaken and the Islamic society reached the state that Imam Hussein stood and with his blood washed the naked spots that covered Islam and establishing a Husseini madrassa for whole humanity. info@shabestan.com Rohingya Muslim children in Bangladesh have very bad conditions. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44916 Shabestan News Agency: UNICEF reported in its report that in Bangladesh's Rohingya Muslim refugee children camps there are about three Lac and forty thousand children, lack the basic facilities of food, healthy drinking water and appropriate facilities of medical. info@shabestan.com Syrian Army founded Israeli weapons in ISIS refugee camps http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44915 Shabestan News Agency: The Syrian army forces in the southeastern side of Dilarzu province in the city of Al Madien found Israeli weapons in terrorist group ISIS refugee camps. info@shabestan.com Knowledge of antagonism in a general and specific sense.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44914 Shabestan News Agency: The head of the Central Province religious seminary in Iran has said that we should recognize every kind of enemy because the enemy is terrified with his recognition. info@shabestan.com Resistance media have played an important role in recent victories http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44913 Shabestan News Agency: Hezbollah Lebanese Secretary General said that resistance media has played an important role in the success of the soldiers in war grounds. info@shabestan.com United States policies in Afghanistan have exacerbated extremism.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44912 Shabestan News Agency: The previous President of Afghanistan has said that the US policy in the country has failed to exacerbate the extremist activities. info@shabestan.com Today, it's time to talk about the destruction of Israel, not recognition.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44911 Shabestan News Agency: Tahreek e Hamas while declaring that today is the time to talk about the destruction of Israel, not recognition said that no one can force us to accept Israel. info@shabestan.com Not being familiar with the Quran is the source of all the imperfections in society http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44910 Shabestan News Agency: The Chief of the Central Office of the Masjid Center of Iran's Central Province has said that not being familiar with the Quran is the source of all the imperfections in society. info@shabestan.com The mosque centers provide the revolutionary young generation http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44909 Shabestan News Agency: The director of the Department of Endownment Affairs in Iran's province south Khorasan said that the mosque centers provide the revolutionary young generation. info@shabestan.com If America withdraws from nuclear treaty, we will fight back http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44908 Shabestan News Agency: Russia's President has warned that if Washington breaks nuclear deal, Moscow will also immediately sign off.  info@shabestan.com Bahraini human rights organization said International community to save the prisoners. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44907 Shabestan News Agency: Some Bahrain based Human Rights Organizations have demanded the Red Cross and United Nations reporter that they should visit the jails of the country to stop the attacks of the Al-Khalifa soldiers and to examine the dangerous situation of the people. info@shabestan.com Iran slams deadly terror attacks in Afghanistan http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44906 Shabestan news agency: Expressing sympathy with the Afghan people and government and condoling the bereaved families, he said that the vampire terrorists and ignorant Takfiris who have nothing to do with religion and humanity once again targeted the oppressed and innocent Afghan people. info@shabestan.com No int'l deal limits countries' missile programs: Military official http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44905 Shabestan news agency: Iranian Armed Forces spokesman General Masoud Jazayeri has said that the historical experiences have indicated that Iran could not be a lamb among the wolves such as the US and the Zionist regime. info@shabestan.com IRAN MILITARY CHIEF SAYS DAESH ON LAST LEGS ON VISIT TO ALEPPO http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44904 Shabestan news agency: “The life of terrorist groups is coming to an end,” said Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri during a meeting with military advisors and armed forces involved in battles against terrorists in Syria, info@shabestan.com Hamas delegation arrives in Tehran http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44903 Shabestan news agency:According to the Palestinian Information Center, a high-ranking Hamas delegation, headed by Saleh al-Arouri, Deputy Political Chief of the movement, arrived in Tehran on Friday afternoon. info@shabestan.com Americans no longer trustable: Iran’s Kharrazi http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44902 Shabestan news agency:On the issue of a ‘second nuclear deal’, Iran’s former FM Kamal Kharrazi said Americans were well aware of Iran’s increasing influence and knew the country had made significant developments in strengthening its defense power. info@shabestan.com Saudi warplanes kill 10 Yemeni civilians in Sa’ada, Hajjah provinces http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44901 Shabestan news agency:The Saudi air raids, which targeted the city of Ghamr in Sa’ada on Friday, left six civilians dead, while four others, all members of the same family, lost their lives in similar attacks in the Abs city of Hajjah. info@shabestan.com Iran, Turkey finalize landmark currency swap deal http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44900 Shabestan news agency:The deal was signed between the central banks of the two countries during a visit to Turkey by Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri. info@shabestan.com Iranian FM slams Trump administration’s “withdrawal doctrine” http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44899 Shabestan news agency:He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer in Tehran, the only interview given to an American broadcast network after Trump’s refusal to certify Iran’s compliance with the deal, officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). info@shabestan.com Grand Ayatollah Sistani Urges Iraq to Protect Kurds amid Tensions http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44898 Shabestan news agency:Ayatollah Sistani’s call was issued at the Friday prayer in the holy city of Karbala by one of his representatives, Reuters reported. info@shabestan.com Tehran Friday Prayers leader says Trump anti-Iran remarks are rubbis http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44897 Shabestan news agency:Addressing a huge crowd of worshipers and the faithful in Tehran, he senior cleric said, 'nothing more is expected from Trump.' info@shabestan.com The atmosphere of dialogue should be provided at the universities. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44896 Shabestan News Agency: A representatives of the Supreme Leader in the University of Galan have said that social issues should be discussed in universities. In this regard, universities should be given a dialogue space. info@shabestan.com The Qari Quran should try to understand the verses deeply and correctly so that their recitation is effective. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44895 Shabestan News Agency: The international Qari of Quran has said that one miracle of the Quran is recitation of Quran. He has a strong connection between the heart and the heavenly Quran. Some part of the effectiveness of the recitation is associated with the art of recitation. Although it is not enough, it is important for us to know the art of heart and soul to recite it. info@shabestan.com University professors are one of the elements of the authority of the country. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44894 Shabestan News Agency: A senior official from Galan Medical University said that for the development and prosperity of the society we should use more the university's resources and possibilities. He said that there is a class of university teacher in a society and they are considered an important element of national sovereignty. info@shabestan.com The dissension between relatives, parties, people and authorities is the conspiracy of enemies. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/44893 Shabestan News Agency: : A government official in Lorestan said that separation of various groups of Muslims is part of enemy conspiracy. He said that the enemy always strives to make a difference between nations, groups, people and government officials so that they can easily succeed in reaching their respective goals. info@shabestan.com