./ shabestan The Hezbollah declaration as a terrorist group is against the UN Charter.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46015 Shabestan news: The member of the Iranian Parliament's delegation said that the defense of the land in the UN Monarchy has been recognized. Therefore, Hezbollah in the UN manifesto should not be treated as a terrorist organization. info@shabestan.com Al-Azhar sentencing against Zionist regime. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46014 Shabestan news: Egypt's Sheikh Al-Azhar has condemned the action of Zionist government on visiting Egypt by the speaker of mosque Al Aqsa and said that this action is unacceptable. info@shabestan.com The movement of the revolution towards the ideals is possible only with the practice of the lifestyle of the Imams (PBUH).  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46013 Shabestan news: Director of Islamic propagation of Zanjan province of Iran said that the meaning that the whole life of Hazara Fatima Zahra (SA) is devoted to wisdom and development, pointed out that this revolution can move towards its goals through the lifestyle of of the Imams (PBUH). info@shabestan.com Most righteous justice of evil morality! http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46012 Shabestan news: Hazrat Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib while referring to a sign of moral evil in his narrative and blessed hadith while pointing to a lie of moral evil said that it is in love with man. info@shabestan.com Ekhbat, is the place of spiritual peace and prosperity in prayers. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46011 Shabestan news: Ekhbat is the place of spiritual peace and prosperity in prayers and it is compulsory on a Muslim to offer prayers and eliminate unnecessary desires from him. info@shabestan.com Syrian parliament speaker at the conference of the OIC Member States that terrorists are a global threat for all nations. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46010 Shabestan news: Speaker of the Syrian Parliament at the Conference of the Parties to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation said that at this time Terrorist is a global threat to all nations like a cancer. info@shabestan.com Leader aide: Lebanon serves as an honor for Islamic, Arab countries http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46009 Shabestan news agency:Velayati made the remarks in a meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Tehran. info@shabestan.com The fate of religious minorities in the rule of Imam Mehdi (AS). http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46008 Shabestan news: Abu Basir said that I asked Imam Sadiq (AS) that what the Almighty Allah will do with Kafir then Imam replied that. info@shabestan.com Speaker calls for broadening of Iran-Mali ties http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46007 Shabestan news agency:Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with President of the National Assembly of Mali Issaka Sidibe on the sidelines of the 13th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC member-states (PUIC). info@shabestan.com Iranian security is comforting for friends and inconvenient for enemies.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46006 Shabestan news: The representative of Wilayat Faqih and Friday prayer leader of Alan city said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is internally and internationally linked to peace and harmony, is the peaceful situation for friends and inconvenient for the enemies. info@shabestan.com Authorities work at every post and place for achieving divine goals. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46005 Shabestan news: Representative Wali Faqia in South Khorasan has said that there are no moments of idleness. We should try to solve the difficulties of people while using them. He said that people at every position and place should have to work for all divine goals. info@shabestan.com Martyrs are the greatest symbol of the act of faith. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46004 Shabestan news: The head of the Quranic deception of the Ministry of Culture and propagation of Islam has said that the martyrdom is the great example of the faith process and he coordinated between the true faith and the believer's actions. info@shabestan.com Iran dismisses FT report on missile talks http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46003 Shabestan news agency:Iran's policy and stance on the country's defensive missile program is quite clear and other countries are well aware of Tehran's stance in this regard,' Bahram Qasemi said on Wednesday, rejecting reports on the alleged agreement by Iran to go ahead with an “intensive and very serious dialogue” on Iran's missile issue. info@shabestan.com Iran embassy in Pakistan opens condolence book for Sanchi tanker victims http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46002 Shabestan news agency:Foreign ambassadors and senior diplomats signed the condolence book and expressed their sympathy to the people and the government of Iran on the tragic incident. info@shabestan.com Zionists once chanted "From Nile to Euphrates", now build up walls around themselves / Quds undoubtedly capital of Palestine http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46001 Shabestan news agency:All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his chosen companions—and upon those who follow them in goodness until day of Judgment. info@shabestan.com Minister calls for Iran-Pakistan defense cooperation expansion http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/46000 Shabestan news agency:Speaking to Pakistani Minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain in Tehran on Tuesday, Hatami said the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan share deep religious and cultural as well as historical commonalties while sharing common borders. info@shabestan.com Iraqi speaker urges Muslim countries to support Palestine http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45999 Shabestan news agency:Addressing the 13th Session of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC members (PUIC) which was held today in Tehran, Al-Jabouri condemned president Trump's decision to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit-ul-Moqaddas. info@shabestan.com Imam Khamenei: We're ready to treat brotherly even with those Muslims once hostile to Iran http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45998 Shabestan news agency:Participants of the 13th Conference dedicated to the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation met with with Ayatollah Khamenei this afternoon, January 16th 2018. info@shabestan.com Pres. Rouhani: World of Islam needs more unity, brotherhood http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45997 Shabestan news agency:President Rouhani met with the President of the National Assembly of Senegal Moustapha Niasse on Tuesday and described Tehran-Dakar relations brotherly and friendly, saying: "The two countries are determined to cement ties and cooperation". info@shabestan.com Pres. Rouhani: Iranian gov't, nation to always stand by Syrian nation http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45996 Shabestan news agency:The president met with the Speaker of the People's Council of Syria Hammouda Youssef Sabbagh on Tuesday and emphasised that the two countries should boost efforts to develop and strengthen close, inclusive relations between Tehran and Damascus. info@shabestan.com Regional Security in the West Asia; Emerging Challenges and Trends http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/45995 Regional Security in the West Asia; Emerging Challenges and Trends info@shabestan.com The first mosque is built in the city of America named Karmal. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45994 Shabestan news: The state of America named Indiana's Municipal community has allowed the construction of the first mosque in the city. info@shabestan.com The announcement of results of the International Holy Quran contest in Sudan. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45993 Shabestan news: The International Quranic Contest in Sudan's capital Khartoum reached its end, in the closing session, Sudan president also attended it. info@shabestan.com The righteous in the world have superior virtues.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45992 Shabestan news: The experts of religious problems while pointing to the attributes of the pious people in Iran's Lorestan province said that the pious people are the owners of the world. info@shabestan.com Forty casualties per month in an attack on al Aqsa mosque in the year 2017. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45991 Shabestan news: Palestinians Minister of endowment and religious studies has said that last year, the Zionists did forty attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque every month. info@shabestan.com Condolence Message from the Revolutionary Leader following the loss of Shipyard Personnel. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45990 Shabestan news: The Supreme leader of Islamic revolution Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei sent condolence message on the tragic event of demise of the tanker crew. info@shabestan.com One-twenty-one died and many injured in two bombings in Baghdad. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45989 Shabestan news: Iraq's security sources confirmed two suicide attacks in Baghdad present in Iraq.  info@shabestan.com Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned today terrorist bombings in Baghdad. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45988 Shabestan news: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman condemned the incident of killing and injuring tens of workers and traders in two suicide attacks in the Al Tahir Chowk of Iraq's capital Baghdad. info@shabestan.com Ten mosques will be built in Mauritania.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45987 Shabestan news: Kuwait's charity organization will build 10 mosques in Mauritania. info@shabestan.com Iran and Pakistan stood up against various terrorist problems.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45986 Shabestan news: While taking about a long-standing relationship between Iran and Pakistan, Iranian parliament speaker pointed out that the two countries compete with various intellectual problems due to terrorism. info@shabestan.com Senior security official offers condolences on death of sailors http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45985 Shabestan news agency:In his message released on Monday, Ali Shamkhani sympathized with the bereaved families of the victims of the sad incident. info@shabestan.com Iran condemns Baghdad terrorist attacks http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45984 Shabestan news agency:Bahram Qasemi sympathized with Iraqi government and people over the deadly accident. info@shabestan.com Iraqi senior official sends condolence message on Sanchi incident http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45983 Shabestan news agency:In his message, Hakim expressed sorrow, prayed for the deceased, and sympathized with the Islamic Revolution Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iranian government and the families and relatives of the victims if the incident. info@shabestan.com IRAQI TROOPS PURGE OVER 80% OF ANBAR DESERT AREAS OF DAESH: SECURITY OFFICIAL http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45982 Arabic-language al-Sabah al-Jadid daily newspaper on Sunday, Chairman of Anbar Provincial Security Council Naeem al-Kaoud said security forces and volunteer fighters, commonly known by the Arabic name Hashd al-Sha’abi, have cleansed over 80 percent of Anbar desert areas of the extremists following multi-pronged military operations there. He added, “The troops also destroyed several Daesh hotbeds and remotely detonated four armored vehicles, which were used by the militant group.” info@shabestan.com Attendance of 380 foreign figures at Imam Reza shrine in first 9 months http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45981 Shabestan news agency:In the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar, with the coordination and accompaniment of the enforcement and formalities servants office of Astan Quds Razavi, more than 380 domestic and foreign figures attended the Razavi Holy Shrine. info@shabestan.com Protests over Trump's Jerusalem move http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/Photo/45980 Protests over Trump's Jerusalem move info@shabestan.com Iran parliament speaker condoles with tanker crew's families http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45979 Shabestan news agency:He expressed sorrow about 'martyr-like death of the crew of the Sanchi' and prayed for the deceased and wished their families patience. info@shabestan.com Leader condoles tragic demise of Iranian seamen http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45978 Shabestan news agency:In his message, the Leader described the demise of Iranian seamen in the Sanchi oil tanker in the Chinese Sea, as a 'saddening' and 'tragic' event. info@shabestan.com Najaf Imam:Iraqi people will not allow Ba’ath party’s return to power http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45977 Shabestan news agency:During his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in the Iraqi city of Najaf’s al-Fatimiyah Husayniyah, Hujjat al-Islam Khalid al-Nu’mani offered his congratulations to the people on the anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi army, saying, “The Iraqi army plays a very important role in serving the people and the liberating the territory of this country from the Daesh Takfiri terrorist phenomenon.” info@shabestan.com Pres. Rouhani: Development impossible without progress in humanities, Islamic sciences http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45976 Shabestan news agency:President Rouhani described development possible through progress in the humanities and Islamic sciences and stressed: "A kind of science leads us to development if it considers Islamic sciences and humanities as its role model". info@shabestan.com Pres. Rouhani sends condolences over Iranian oil tanker crew's passing http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45975 Shabestan news agency:President Rouhani offered condolences to the families of the crew of the Iranian oil tanker, Sanchi, over their passing and stressed: "It is now necessary that the top priority be focused on identifying the bodies and reduce the pains of their families". info@shabestan.com Imam Ali  (AS) words are that the earth is never empty of the proof of the uprising of Allah. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45974 Shabestan news: The first Ameer and successor of the holy Prophet (PBUH) and the first source of light on earth Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) while pointing towards the fact that on this earth divine rules from Allah are always present said in one of his bright and blessed Hadith that the earth is never empty from divine commands by Allah. info@shabestan.com Quality of friendship with Imam Mahdi (aj). http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45973 Shabestan news: Hazrat Imam Mahdi (AS) loves us and says that there is no doubt that we do not care for your safety and we are not lazy in this work and we did not forget you do not worry, because if we did that then you should fall down into problems and difficulties and you will be able to get rid of the enemy and he had destroyed you from the roots. info@shabestan.com Two great human pains in the time of absence of Imam Mehdi (AS). http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45972 Shabestan news: The moment when a human came in this world his problem is not only his separation and distance from Allah which can be overcome by the presence of Imam's but there was one more difficulty which was oppression and brutalism which was present because of cruel people oppression on others info@shabestan.com The confrontation with the problems of the Islamic world can only be resolved with the unification of Islamic countries. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45971 Shabestan news: The Iranian parliament speaker has said that at this time the Islamic world is confused in many problems that can be solved through the unity of Islamic countries. info@shabestan.com The Supreme Leader of the Revolution is a godly blessing for the revolution. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45970 Shabestan news: Hujjat ul Islam Wal Muslimin Qaranti said that the Supreme Leader of the Revolution is a godly blessing for the revolution and we should thank Allah for this. info@shabestan.com Cairo's support for Quds by holding a global conference. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45969 Shabestan news: Egypt's Al-Zehra University on the Issue of Palestine and Jerusalem is hosting an international conference of support for Palestinians and the Believers with the title of (Care for Jerusalem).  info@shabestan.com What is the relationship between increasing sin in society and natural disasters such as earthquakes?  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45968 Shabestan news: Hujjat ul Islam Aqa Meeri while pointing out the increase in the natural disasters and decrease in rate of rain indicate that it is very sad that man has left becoming unhappy to perform sins and performs acts without fear, who are against God's will. info@shabestan.com The first indicator of the Mahdi's worshipers is the divine reverence.  http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45967 Shabestan news: A teacher of religious seminary said that there should be no popularity in the promotion of religious education, because favors are impartial to the fact that their result will not be good. In the first instance of the Imam Mahdi's visitor is the divine reverence.  info@shabestan.com The martyrs are true followers of the divine people. http://en.shabestan.ir/detail/News/45966 Shabestan news: According to the teacher of religious seminary while describing that the martyrs are true followers of the divine people said that the program organized in the memory of martyrdom, is not a place of just a mourning but it is a place to ponder. info@shabestan.com